This organization advocates in all the courts of Nepal. For providing quality and prompt service, it mobilizes the concerned expert/lawyer enlisted in its pool.

  • Litigation
  • Legal counseling
  • Representation on behalf of the clients
  • Notary public certification
  • Coordination and liaising of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Company registration, taxation, asset transaction, etc.
  • Prosecution
  • Drafting laws, by-laws, Memo of understanding, directives, etc.
  • Legal research work and guidance to the legal researchers
  • Managerial research work and consultation on human development activities
  • Conducting/organizing seminars/workshops/conference/short-period orientation programmes, especially in the field of law, human rights, conflict management, crisis management, and empowerment.

International Clients

Our firm has been working in providing legal services since more than twenty years. It has a close ties with forefront international law firms. We endorse to increase the partnership with more leading lawyers and law firms globally. Our firm provides exceptional quality service to our valued clients (national and international).

Outsourcing and legal process

We provide the outsource facility in case any company wants to source services from us. They can outsource for litigation research, drafting contracts, auditing, writing proposals, registering trademark, patent rights, etc. We have an applauding experience of outsource service provide in United States, India, Australia, United Kingdom in different sector. We provide auditing, patent right, registering trademark in other countries.

NGO’s, INGO’s and charities non-profit organizations

We provide different kinds of services to NGOs, INGOs and charities to non-profit organizations. For NGOs, we provide services like registration of organization, draft constitution, by-laws of organization, notary translation, etc. For INGO’s we provide consultation and legal process to open their branch in Nepal.

Legal services for NRN foreigners doing business, study, working and living in Nepal

Non Resident Nepalese have many rights in constitution which guarantees them for property, taxation relief, banking incentives, living in Nepal, studying etc. We work for NRN to free them from legal hassles during any project in Nepal including business set up. We provide counseling regarding their rights and limitations under new constitution in Nepal .

Legal consultancy for national, foreign and international.

We have law expert’s team who possesses a good level of knowledge on national and international laws. We provide the legal consultancy to national and international clients – Individual or any firms/companies. We provide services on prosecution, drafting laws, by-laws, memo of understanding, directives, etc.

Collaborations with international lawyers and legal services

We have strong collaboration with the highly skilled and renowned lawyers of different countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, United States, United Kingdom, etc. We have expertise in auditing, corporate law, litigation, etc.